Luke the Hybrid Reindeer & His Vivacious Mate – Doc & Andrea (#6.25)

This is a male/female erotica story with on-page sex scenes between Doc and Andrea. If you don’t like M/F mixed in with your M/M, I suggest taking a pass on this little short. I’d left their coming together so vague in ‘Luke’. I wanted to give them a little page time. It’s told in Doc’s POV.

This is a scene from Chapter 14 of Luke the Hybrid Reindeer & His Vivacious Mate. This bonus scene is free to the reader but not to be shared, sold, or posted anywhere without my written permission. The same copyright for all my books also applies to this and other bonus scenes from the series.



Willy opens the door of his cottage and ushers me inside. Confused, I scan the room to see what appears to be a small party of sorts. It doesn’t look like there’s any type of medical emergency. What I’m seeing are a bunch of elves and a human drinking alcohol. I turn to Willy.

“Why did you call me here?” I motion toward the others. “Nothing appears to be wrong with Lucas unless he’s had too much of whatever is in his glass.” I look over at Luke. “Everything okay, Luke?”

“All good, Doc. Eating, drinking the nasty shakes like I’m supposed to, and healing more every day.” He puts his arm around Micah and pulls him close. “And spending time with my mate.”

“Good, good.” I turn back to Willy. “Again, why did you insist I come here?”

Willy puts his hand on my lower back and shoves me toward the others.

“Doc, Doc, Doc. There are more things in life than checking heartbeats and sticking needles in butts.”

“Excuse me?” I come back at him, offended. “That’s not all I do.”

“Yeah, yeah, but we all need some fun every now and again. Grab a drink and join us.”

“Poor Doc,” I hear Seth Grant whisper. “He doesn’t stand a chance.”

“You demanded I come here to drink? Willy, you made it sound like there was an emergency with Luke.”

“Just doing my elfly duty, Doc.”

“Next time do it with somebody else.”

He looks me over from head to toe, probably surprised to see me in faded jeans and a button-up shirt, not my usual scrubs or slacks.

“Holy cow, Doc,” Willy whistles. “You almost look like a normal man.”

“Willy, believe it or not, I don’t spend my entire life working. I do have a life away from my office. And if everything is okay here, I’d like to continue on with my evening.”

After a particularly grueling week, I need to have some me time. If it involves nothing more than drinking a few shots, that’s what I’m going to do, and I plan to do it alone.

I’m walking to the door when there’s another knock.

“Excellent! Perfect timing,” Willy announces. “Answer the door for me, will ya, Doc?”

“Look through the peephole first,” Micah says quickly.

“Doc doesn’t know who’s friend or foe,” Elf Marcus giggles.

“Friend or foe?” Seth asks him with a drunken snicker.

Marcus shrugs his shoulders. “I’m reading one of your books. I’m learning stuff.”

“I have never in my life used the words friend or foe in one of my books.” His eyes widen. “Marcus, you don’t need to be reading that stuff. There’s blood, violence, lots of killing, painful sex. It’s, well, bad. You’re a good elf. Good elves don’t read Seth Grant books.”

“I do,” Ricky pipes up.

“So do I,” Micah adds.

“I’ve read them all,” Willy says with a shoulder shrug. “They’re good jerk off material.”

“They’re violent and gory and just, no, Marcus. Don’t read them,” Seth continues.

I have to stop myself from grinning when Master Elf Jason pulls Marcus closer and kisses his forehead.

“Baby, you can read anything you want. If Seth’s not confident in his writing ability, well, that’s on him.”

“There’s nothing wrong with my writing ability, elf,” Seth grumbles.

The knock comes again.

“Is anybody gonna answer the door?” Ricky asks.

“Oh, I’ll do it,” Willy mutters dramatically. He looks through the peephole and opens it for Andrea to sweep in. “Well, it took you long enough to get here, woman.”

“It took you long enough to answer the door. What’s so urgent that you called me away from work?” She stops when she sees me. “Oh. Hi, Doc.”

“Andrea,” I say formally.

Or at least I hope it sounds that way.

Ever since Willy first mentioned setting me up with somebody, I’ve done nothing but think about the woman standing in front of me right now. He probably didn’t even notice my reaction that day, but when he threw out the name Chuck, I knew exactly who he was talking about setting me up with. Oh, I know all about Chuck, the drug dealing wanna-be killer of Dylan Drake. The same Chuck Andrea Hardy had somehow gotten mixed up with in Mistletoe Hill a year or two before. She’s been my patient a few times – I am the only physician in the North Pole, after all – but never for anything more than minor issues and immunizations. Those office visits went exactly as they should have. They were professional and it never crossed my mind that she might be any different from all the other reindeer who have been in and out of my office over the past few decades.

Everything is different now and has been since Chief Randy’s elf first mentioned her in Luke’s room at The Simpson Center. At first, I thought it was because it’s been a long time since I’ve been intimate with a woman. My last experience was in Alaska after a couple of male reindeer were injured on a hiking trail around this time last year. After being summoned by Santa to personally see to their injuries, I made the quick trip. After setting a broken arm and helping with a sprained ankle, I found a small motel and stayed the night, knowing I couldn’t be away from the North Pole for longer than that. I am the only doctor, which means I seldom leave. I never have sex with women in the North Pole, choosing to do my thing during my extremely rare visits outside the borders. I’m not ashamed to say that the woman in Alaska was a working girl. That’s usually my norm. I’ll find someone who doesn’t know who I am or care to know. I’ve lived a lonely existence but I’ve done what was necessary and not allowed it to affect my duties as the only healer for the North Pole residents.

“You weren’t called away from work,” Willy says to Andrea. “Cole approved you leaving early hours ago.”

“Well, I didn’t know anything about it until he kicked me out the door.”

Andrea is wearing a black skirt with a red sweater that buttons up the front, and black, heeled boots. Her long brown hair is brushed away from her face and she’s wearing more makeup than normal, her typical work uniform since she started working with Cole Crawford at the jewelry store a few weeks ago.

Good Lord, she looks gorgeous. But then again, she’s every bit as beautiful in jeans and with no makeup, something I never really noticed until Willy put the bug in my ear, so to speak. Oh, she’s always been pretty but only recently have I been seeing her as somebody other than a patient I’ve seen a few times over the past quarter of a century or so.

She turns and looks at the others. “Having a party?”

“Something like that,” Willy tells her. I don’t mistake him nudging her toward me. “Doc here was just about to get a drink. If you waggle your eyebrows or shake your booty a little maybe he’ll get you one too.”

“Actually, I was just leaving,” I announce before I make a complete fool of myself.

“Yeah, I think I am too,” she says. “Not sure I’m up to a drunken elf party tonight.”

“I’ll walk you out,” I tell her. I turn to the others. “If any of you drink too much and do something stupid, I’m not on duty tonight. You’ll have to see my assistant.”

“You old fogie,” Willy slurs. “One drink wouldn’t kill ya.”

I shake my head and turn to Andrea. “Ready?”

She nods.

“Be careful,” Micah calls out. “Luke is still in hiding. You can’t be seen.”

“Of course,” I say. My hand is on the doorknob when there’s a loud thump against it on the other side.

“Everybody, get back,” Micah yells as he jumps up and rushes to the door, nudging me out of the way. He looks through the peephole. “Oh my God.”

He opens the door quickly, barely catching Luke’s brother who almost falls on him.

“Drew!” Luke calls out, tripping over everybody to get to him.

“Help me get him into the kitchen,” I order. “Willy, call the Chief. Seth and Ricky, get your reindeer here. Jason, you and Marcus grab some clean towels.” I look at Micah as they all rush to do my bidding. “Got your bag with you?” He nods and runs into the bedroom while Luke and Andrea help me get Drew into a chair in the kitchen.

Luke squats on the floor in front of him. Both of Drew’s eyes are black and blue, his shirt is ripped, his lip is split, and his nose is bleeding profusely.

“What happened?” Luke asks Andrew as the others walk back in and I start checking his injuries.

Luke sounds absolutely panicked, which won’t be doing his brother any good.

“I’m-” Drew starts to stay but I cut him off.

“Let’s get him checked out first. There will be time for that.”

Micah and I work as a team to help stop the bleeding as we check his injuries. Andrea is nearby handing us towels and bandages as needed and encouraging Drew through her tears. I lift Drew’s shirt to check his stomach and chest for injuries.

“He mostly went after my face,” Drew tells me. “Kept saying he would fuck up my ‘pretty boy’ face if I didn’t tell him what he wanted to know.”

In what seems like forever, the bleeding stops and everybody’s moving back.

I pull up a chair next to him.

“Can you tell us what happened, Andrew?” I ask him.

He looks at his brother when he answers. “The guy I was seeing, he started asking questions about Luke. When I refused to answer any of them he got pissed.”

Andrea’s hand goes to his shoulder and she squeezes. He looks up and smiles gratefully.

“Did he force himself on you, son?” I ask softly. “I can make everybody leave if you want me to.”

He shakes his head. “He didn’t force himself on me.”

All conversation stops when there’s a commotion from the other room. The Simpson brothers rush in the door with Dylan and Cole, their mates following. Everybody starts talking at once but stop when Randy barges into the kitchen and he’s not alone. He has an elf by his neck, dragging him.

“Found this elf outside,” he growls. “I knew he was one of the bad guys. He didn’t even try to hide.”

“Because I’m not one of the bad guys, asshole,” the elf growls back. “And I was keeping an eye out to make sure we weren’t followed.”

Randy points at Drew. “You’ve got his blood all over you and you claim to be a good guy?”

“And he was there with blood on him during Luke’s attack,” Andrea throws out. “I saw him over his unconscious body.”

“Because I was trying to help him.”

Again, everybody starts talking at once but Drew starts mumbling and shaking his head. Dylan whistles to shut everybody up.

“What is it, Drew?” Dylan asks him softly.

“He’s not the man who hurt me.”

“He’s got blood all over him,” Luke tells him. “And a lot of witnesses saw him right after I was beaten up.”

He shakes his head again and motions to the man still being held in Randy’s grip. “He caused a distraction so I could run.” He looks up at me. “He needs to be checked out. The other guy got a couple of licks in.”


Drew cuts Luke off. “He got me away and he got me here.”

“How did he even know where to bring you?” Blake Simpson asks suspiciously. “Only a select few knew where you were.”

“You’d be surprised the things I know,” the elf says to him. “If I wanted to hurt Luke or anybody else I could’ve done it easily.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Blake asks him rudely.

He looks up at him. “You’re not the only technology or security expert in the North Pole, reindeer. I could probably give you a run for your money and then some. I also have other skills that might surprise you considering my size.”

“First, you’re full of shit. Second, that didn’t answer my question.”

“And I won’t answer any questions until after I speak with Lucas alone.”

“Not happening,” Dylan states firmly.

“But first,” the elf continues, ignoring Dylan, “somebody needs to be going after the reindeer who did this to his brother. I’m thinking he won’t be too thrilled about having his ass kicked by an elf who’s half his size.”

“How do we know you didn’t lead him here?” Randy asks him.

“Because I’m not stupid, Chief,” he comes back at him rudely. “And I’d never do anything to harm Lucas or his brother.”

“Tell us who you are,” Randy orders when he finally lets him go.

“My name is Logan Wyatt.”

“Where are you injured, Mr. Wyatt?” Micah asks him softly.

He holds his hands up and turns them over a couple of times to check. “Couple of bruises on my knuckles and he got a kick in on my side. He missed my ribs so I’m okay.” He looks up at Randy. “Instead of interrogating me, somebody needs to be getting this guy before he kills somebody. He’s out for blood.”

“Do we know who he is?” Blake asks, looking back and forth between Logan and Drew.

His phone rings before anybody can answer. He speaks for a few seconds before looking back at us.

“Something’s happening at the Lanzer house.”

He rushes out of the room. After helping Drew stand, we all start to follow.

“I can walk fine. I need to know what’s going on.”

Luke only lets him follow the others with mine and Andrea’s help when Logan asks him to hang back.

“If you bolt, you won’t make it out of the yard,” Cole tells him.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

They walk into the living room with us shortly after. Logan is immediately surrounded by Dylan, Cole, and Barry. Everybody else is scattered around looking at the TV, watching Franklin Lanzer arguing with another big reindeer inside what I assume is the Lanzer house.

“That’s him,” Drew says loudly.

“That’s who?” Luke asks him.

“The guy I was seeing, the one who was asking questions.”

“Are you sure?” his brother asks him, sounding shocked.

Drew looks at him over his shoulder. “Yeah.”

Luke points at the TV screen. “That’s who attacked me.”

“Oh, Luke, I’m sorry. I didn’t know,” he tells him, his eyes tearing up.

“Shh,” Blake Simpson says. “It’s okay.”

Luke walks over and puts an arm around him and pulls him close as we all listen to what’s being said on the TV. Franklin Lanzer has just said something about the other reindeer hooking up behind the reindeer stables.

“That’s not what was happening,” Drew speaks up. “We’d done it a couple of times because I didn’t know who he was, but not this time.”

Blake turns to look at him. “What do you mean?”

“He got a little too rough the last time we did it so I told him I didn’t want to see him again.”

“When was this?” Randy asks him.

“Night before last. He grabbed me yesterday morning as I was leaving to go by the Gazette for a meeting. He kept me tied up in the stables at the end of Antler Way as he tried to get information about Luke.”

“Wait. Yesterday morning?” Luke asks him.

“Yeah, why?”

“Where’s your phone?”

“I don’t know. He took it as soon as he grabbed me.”

“You didn’t send me a text this morning?”

He shakes his head. “I couldn’t. I haven’t had my phone since early yesterday.”

“I knew something was wrong,” Luke tells the others. “No way would he have let his phone die and not let me know he was okay.”

Drew reaches up and squeezes his hand. “I’m okay now, big brother.”

“Drew, the day after I was attacked you said you were seeing a new guy, an older one. Is it the same one?”

His eyes widen. “Yes, which means when we hooked up the first time he was planning on hurting you. Oh, God. Luke, I’m so sorry.”

“You couldn’t have known.”

He buries his face in his hands. Andrea rushes over and she and Luke rub Drew’s back soothingly as he tries to get control of his emotions. I tune out what I know is an emotional moment as Luke squats to his level to speak with him privately.

Blake’s phone rings and he steps away for a few seconds.

“Gotta go,” he announces when the call ends. “Randy, some help?”

“Yeah, what’s going on?”

“A team is in place to storm the house to take them in. We may need your muscle.”

“Got it, Simpson.”

“I’m going too,” Dylan tells them as he pulls away from Cole.

“No,” Randy stops him. “We need you, Cole, and Barry to stay here and watch the elf until we find out who he really is.”

“I told you who I really am,” Logan tells them.

“Fine. Say the word and I’m on my way,” Dylan tells Randy and Blake, ignoring Logan.

Randy nods before looking at the rest of us. “Until this guy is taken in, everybody stays here.”

“Randy?” I ask, my first words in a while.

“Sorry you got brought into this, Doc, but I can’t chance anybody else getting hurt.”

“Understood. I’m just glad I was here when Andrew arrived.”

“See?” Willy pipes up. “And here you thought I was just being a brat by asking you to come by.”

“Willy, unless you can predict the future, you had no way of knowing Andrew would show up here injured.”

The elf waves a hand. “Whatever. You’re here, aren’t you?” He looks back and forth between Andrea and me and waggles his eyebrows. “And you can’t leave, so ha! Neither of you can. And look at you, Andrea, all dressed up. She has a nice figure, doesn’t she, Doc?”

“Oh my God,” Andrea mumbles, her face turning a nice shade of pink.

I want to agree that yes, she has a nice figure and is perfect in every way. But then again, she always looks beautiful.

“No need to be embarrassed, reindeer girl. I said you looked nice, didn’t I? I don’t just throw out compliments willy-nilly,” Willy continues with a snort. “Willy-nilly. And look at Doc! He’s wearing jeans. You can almost see his package. If you get a little closer, you might be able to see it better.”

“Willy!” I say loudly, not believing he actually just said that. Oh, he’s never been shy a day in his life, but really?

The elf looks at me. “What?”

“Just stop it, please,” Andrea comes back at him.

“Somebody needs to call Santa to fill him in,” Blake says when he gets to the door, ignoring the exchange.

“I’ll do it,” Dylan tells him.

Blake and Randy kiss their mates and are out the door.

“Be careful!” Willy and Seth yell.

As they leave, I take my embarrassed self to the kitchen in hopes of not making a bigger fool of myself in front of Andrea. What I don’t expect is for her to follow me. She motions toward the other room.

“Sorry if he embarrassed you, Doc,” she mumbles, looking as uncomfortable as I feel.

“I’m used to Willy’s silliness, just not him turning it on me,” I respond with a small laugh.

“It’s my fault.”

My shocked eyes go up to meet hers. “Yours? What do you mean?”

“I was rude to him in Mistletoe Hill the first time I met him. He’s not gotten over it. You just happen to be the latest one he’s tried to set me up with.”

I look down. “Oh. I’m sorry then.”

“Look at me, Doc.” I reluctantly look back at her. “Why are you sorry?”

“I don’t know what the elf was thinking.” My eyes take her in from head to toe, hopefully not looking like a dirty old man in the process. I shake my head slightly. “Look at you, Andrea. You’re a beautiful woman. You can have any man you’d want. For him to think you might want old Doc here is almost laughable.”

“Why would you say something like that?” she comes back at me, sounding offended. “It’s more like why would Willy think you’d want somebody like me?”

“You can’t be serious. Any man would be a lucky bastard if you even glanced in their direction.”

She takes a couple of steps closer. I swear I stop breathing.

“Funny, the only man I’m interested in looking at right now is standing in front of me.”

“I don’t understand.”

She moves closer, so close she’s inches away from me.

“Do you want to kiss me, Doc?”

“What?” I ask her, convinced she didn’t say what I think she just said.

“I asked if you wanted to kiss me.”

“Do you want me to?” I ask her, my voice low.

“You have no idea who bad I’m dying for you to.”

My shaking hand goes to her neck and I lean in as I pull her face close to mine. The instant our lips touch I’m in trouble. If one closed mouth kiss can have me this hard this fast I know something’s happening that goes beyond me wanting to make love to her. Oh, how I want to make love to her. She sighs when our lips touch. I open my mouth in invitation and her tongue immediately goes inside and finds mine. I wrap my arms around her and pull her flush with my body, the evidence of my arousal pressing hard against her. Kissing Andrea is unlike any other kiss I’ve ever experienced. The sounds she’s making tells me she’s as into it as I am. I maneuver our bodies until she’s pressed against a wall.

“Andrea,” I groan when one of her hands goes between us and rubs my erection through my jeans.

“Touch me, Doc,” she moans as she tries to get even closer.

One of my hands goes from around her to the top of her sweater. I unbutton two buttons and stick my hand inside and slowly massage her breast through her bra. When that’s not enough, I move the cup down below it and lightly pinch her nipple.

“Yes, like that,” she groans in my mouth.

When that’s still not enough, I move my hand to the hem of her skirt and stop. I pull out of the kiss.

“Open your eyes, Andrea,” I tell her. “Tell me to stop.”

She shakes her head. “God, no. Don’t stop.”

That’s the only invitation I need to slide her skirt up just far enough for my hand to go under it. I groan out loud when I feel the wetness on the outside of her panties. One of my fingers slides inside and doesn’t stop until it’s all the way inside her wet pussy. My thumb finds her clitoris and presses down and starts massaging it.

“Oh, God, Doc,” she groans. “So good. Don’t stop.”

“You’re so wet,” I whisper.

“For you… only for you.”

I’m about to take things further when sounds start registering in my arousal-addled brain. I just barely manage to get my hand out from under her skirt when I hear Willy behind me.

“I knew it! And you people said I was nuts. You get horny enough you stop being so picky. You just walked out of the room! You know you want it when you can’t even wait five minutes.”

At that moment, Luke, Micah, and Logan walk in behind him to see me jerking away from an obviously embarrassed Andrea. Her lipstick is smeared, her skirt is pushed up a little, and a couple of the buttons on her top are undone, giving everyone a glimpse of a little more cleavage than is appropriate. I turn my back to them and try to shield her, trying my damnedest to hide the evidence of what was happening before Willy barged in.

“Now go somewhere private and do the deed already,” Willy continues. “Do the North Pole a favor.”

“Nosy elf,” Andrea says with an embarrassed smile as she shoves her skirt down and buttons her top. “Always up in everybody’s business.”

“Like I said, just doing my elfly duty.”

“You followed us in here,” she comes back at him.

“Yep. I dang sure did. I saw you two giving each other goo-goo eyes when I was talking about Doc’s package, even with everything going on.”

“Oh, you did not,” I tell him as I turn around to face them. I know my face is likely a dozen shades of red, but there’s nothing I can do about that at the moment. “I’ve never given anybody goo-goo eyes in my life.”

“Keep telling yourself that, Doc,” Willy comes back at me.

“We’ll leave you guys alone,” Luke tells us with a slight shake of his head. “We’ll be in the bedroom.”

“And we don’t wish to be disturbed unless Andrew needs his brother,” Logan says, eliciting a raised brow from Willy.

“Well, that’s not up to you, now is it? You’re a stranger around these parts, sir,” he says rudely.

“It’s okay, Willy,” Micah tells him. “I’ll be with them.”

“Don’t allow any funny business.”

“Got it, Cuz,” Micah says with a smirk. “No funny business.”

I know without being told what Logan Wyatt will be discussing with Lucas. I sigh, hoping the news is good for him. Heavens knows the man could use something else good coming into his life right now. He now has Micah, who I couldn’t be more proud seeing as his mate. Micah’s one of the kindest, most professional nurses I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with.

Thankfully, Willy doesn’t waste any more time hassling Andrea and me before he’s walking back into the living room. I look over at her.

“Are you okay?”

She shakes her head. “No, I’m not okay.”

My stomach sinks, knowing she’s likely regretting what we almost did.

“I’m sorry, Andrea. I shouldn’t have-”

“I’m not okay, Doc, because we couldn’t finish what we started.” She leans in to whisper in my ear, her hot breath making me harder than I was before we were interrupted. “I want you inside me so bad right now.”

“Why?” I find myself asking.

She takes a step back and smiles. “Oh, Doc, you have no idea how handsome you are, do you?”

I don’t have a chance to respond before she’s following the others back into the living room.

I take a deep breath and walk in behind her. I again check on Drew who looks okay physically but not quite okay mentally. Andrea speaks softly to him for a moment before hugging him tight against her. I remember seeing them together at The Simpson Center the night of Luke’s attack. They leaned on each other as we worked to make sure Lucas was okay. I think I and the rest of the staff were convinced they were a couple. Only later did we all realize that they’re more like brother and sister. The more I watched them during the week Luke was there, the more I saw the sibling type bond.

She sees me watching and stands up and walks over to me.

“I love him like a brother,” she tells me softly.

“It shows.”

“I wanted you to know that I love him dearly but only like the brother I never had,” Andrea stresses.

“I understand, Andrea.”

She looks at me closely before nodding. “Just making sure you know it’s nothing more.”

“I do,” I whisper.


“You didn’t have to tell me that.”

“Yes, I did, Doc.”

We both watch as Luke, Micah, and Logan Wyatt walk back into the room. A few minutes later the door slams open and Santa himself barges in. I raise a brow. Santa and I go back more decades than I’d be willing to admit here. You could say I’m his closest friend and confidant. The Santa Claus I’m seeing now looks absolutely frantic.

“Santa Claus!” a now tipsy Willy calls out. “Here to join the party now that we know everybody’s gonna be okay? Wouldn’t wanna get your snooty hands dirty until you got the all-clear, I’m guessing. Come have a drink with us.”

“Huh?” Seth grumbles. “I thought you said he was a butt head.”

“He is, but he can still drink with us,” Willy comes back at him in a loud whisper that can probably be heard two doors down. “It might even make him a little less butt head like.”

Santa ignores them, his eyes scanning the room until they land on Drew. Dylan walks over to him, but the boss man only has eyes for Luke’s brother.

Oh, hell.

I’ve watched Santa Claus have crushes, I guess you could say, on both males and females outside of the horrid woman he’s married to. I watched his heart get broken when Daria Drake married Denny Davies and then later died. He could’ve dumped Mary when he and Daria met and had the life he always wanted. Unfortunately, the one he was already married to had some type of hold on him I’ve never understood. I watched him pine after Mary for more years than she deserved. What I’m seeing as he looks at Andrew Lanzer is more intense than all of that put together. Sure, it’s obvious he wants to have sex with Luke’s brother, but it’s so much more than that.

“Santa?” Dylan asks. “I told you I’d keep you updated.”

Only then do his eyes go to Dylan’s. “Ah, yes, well, I wanted to see for myself that all was well with young Andrew, I mean, the Lanzer situation.”

Dylan’s brow goes up and he looks over at Luke who shrugs his shoulders, looking confused. That confusion disappears when Santa’s eyes go back to Drew. Luke rushes over and stops Santa from going near his brother. I don’t hear what’s being said but I don’t have to. I know he’s warning the man away from Andrew. I can’t say I blame him. Santa may have changed over the past year, but it’s a good bet he’ll go right back to his old ways when his wife is allowed to return to the North Pole. I know he’s wanting to start divorce proceedings but he’s threatened that in the past and never followed through. I’ve never understood the hold she’s always had on him. He could do so much better. But then he looks at Dylan again and I start to think that maybe discovering he had a son – and the part Mary played in keeping them apart for over twenty-five years – might just have him finally getting rid of her for good. Only Santa Claus and I know for certain that Dylan’s his biological child. It shocked us both when the tests were run last year, as we’d long been led to believe that Santa Claus was sterile. He’s not discussed it with Dylan as strangely he’s waiting for Dylan to come to him. I can’t quite picture that happening. As far as I know, Dylan isn’t even aware. I did everything I could to prevent him from finding out, per Santa’s instructions a year ago. Now I’m thinking Santa Claus is wishing he would’ve allowed me to share the results when they came in.

I watch as Santa’s hands go in front of his pants as he obviously tries to cover evidence of an erection.

A glance at Drew shows him looking shell-shocked. I don’t know if it’s from the big man himself being here or his injuries. The moment is gone when Dylan motions Santa Claus to follow him, his mate, and Barry outside. Only after the door closes does Drew look away. When his eyes come up to meet Luke’s, he looks like he’s just been caught doing something he shouldn’t be doing.

“No, no, no,” Andrea whispers from next to me. “Not Santa.”

“What do you mean?” I ask her, my voice just as low.

“Drew is so vulnerable right now.” She blows out a breath. “He confessed to having a crush on Santa when he was younger. Something tells me that crush never quite went away.”

“From the way Santa was looking at him just now, I’d say it’s pretty mutual.”

Andrea shakes her head. “I won’t let anybody else hurt my friend.”

“I understand,” I tell her, meaning it because I do know Santa Claus so well. “I’ll talk to Santa and discourage him from pursuing anything.”

“Thanks, Doc. I just don’t want to see Drew get hurt again. He’s been through enough.”

I nod in agreement.

Moments later, Santa and Dylan walk back inside with Blake Simpson and Chief Randy following. My heart breaks a little for Lucas as he’s told what went down at his parents’ home.

“Don’t,” Logan tells Lucas. “Your mother has issues that I’m sure none of us are aware of. Don’t let her hurt you anymore.”

Andrea squeezes my arm and walks toward the bathroom, leaving me with the others.

Blake’s eyes go to Logan before coming up to meet Luke’s questioningly. He glances at Logan who nods.

“Everybody meet Logan Wyatt, my biological father.”

“Wait,” Blake says sternly. “You don’t know that for sure. Until I see definitive proof I don’t buy it.”

“Actually, we do know that for sure,” I speak up. “The results of the tests on the water bottle from the diner came back earlier today. I personally compared them to Luke’s. Lucas shares fifty percent of Mr. Wyatt’s DNA. The other half is, as you’re aware, Abigail Lanzer’s.”

“When were you going to share this information, Doc?” Randy asks, sounding frustrated.

“When my patient, Lucas, asked. It wouldn’t have been shared otherwise, even if Santa ordered it. Patient confidentiality.”

I give Santa a pointed look before looking at Logan. “Perhaps you can share how your birth records disappeared and then reappeared again, Mr. Wyatt?”

“Sure, Doc. Another time perhaps,” Logan answers.

“Doc,” I hear Andrea whisper from the bathroom door.

When I look in her direction she motions for me to go to her. She doesn’t have to ask me twice. With a quick glance at the others I’m walking toward her, hopefully not being too obvious about it.

Once inside the bathroom, she wastes no time before she’s locking the door and unbuttoning her top.


“I’m dying, Doc,” she says as she removes her sweater and undoes the front clasp of her bra. When her bare breasts are exposed, I don’t attempt to hide a groan.

She grins up over at me. “Does that groan tell me you’re willing to pick up where we left off before?”

“Hell, yeah.”

She laughs when I rush to remove my shirt and toss it in the vicinity of the tub. My hands tremble as I undo my jeans and watch as Andrea takes off her bra and skirt, leaving her standing there in just her boots and thin lace panties. I stop what I’m doing and look my fill.

“You are one sexy woman, Andrea. I’ve never in my life wanted anybody as bad as I want you right now.”

Her right hand slides inside the front of her panties and I swear I’m on the verge of coming before even getting inside her.

“Then what’s taking you so long?” she asks as she starts pleasuring herself in front of me.

I almost stumble removing the rest of my clothes and shoes. When my hard dick pops out her eyes go to it and she licks her lips.

“I want nothing more than to suck your cock right now.” Holy hell. “But I want to feel it inside me so bad.”

I drop to my knees and tongue the front of her pussy. She moves her hand from inside her panties and leans against the counter and spreads her legs a little, giving me better access. I somehow manage to slide them down over her hips. She grabs my shoulder for balance when they get to her ankles. I almost rip them as I remove them completely. With a quick glance up at her for permission, I take one of her legs and place it over my shoulder and dive in, desperate to taste her on my tongue. As soon as my mouth makes contact, I’m lost. I couldn’t tell you how many women I’ve eaten out but they’re all forgotten the moment I taste Andrea. I roughly shove two fingers inside her soaking wet body and start moving them in and out as my tongue latches on to her clit and starts sucking.

“Doc!” she cries out as she tries to get closer to me.

Her hands go in my hair to urge me on. I’m shocked when I’ve barely gotten started before she’s squeezing her leg around my neck and gasping out as her orgasm hits. I only stop when she yanks my hair a little. I look up at her.

“It’s been a long time, Doc,” she says by way of explanation for doing it so fast. “I need you inside me now.”

I stand up and get between her spread legs. With my eyes on hers, I blindly guide my dick to her wet pussy and rub the head up and down over her engorged clitoris.

“Last chance to back out,” I tell her, straining to keep from going in all at once.

Her response is to wrap her legs tightly around me.

“Fuck me, Doc,” she whispers.

That’s all it takes. I slam into her with one quick thrust. When I feel her wet heat surrounding my dick I swear I almost lose control. When I start moving in and out of her, one of her hands goes to her mouth. I can tell she’s trying not to make any sounds, but damn, I want to hear what she sounds like as I make her feel good.

“You’re so thick,” she groans around her hand. “So good… so good.”

She throws her head back and closes her eyes when I start thrusting my dick in and out of her faster. Her breasts are bouncing with each thrust. If I wasn’t so far gone I’d be sucking her nipples into my mouth, eager to learn how sensitive they are.

The more I fuck her the more intense the feelings get. I’ve never, in my long life, felt anything like what it feels like being inside her. It encompasses my entire body. It’s almost like one big sensation that gets more intense the longer I fuck her.

I grip her hips and hold still, somehow managing to thrust harder, faster. Her eyes pop open.

“Doc, do you think… fuck!” she cries out as another orgasm slams into her as her legs tighten even more around me.

That’s all it takes for me to thrust inside her one more time. I hold still as my entire body is overcome by sensation as I cum hard inside her pussy. My orgasm seems to go on and on, getting more intense as it does. When I think I’m depleted, my dick unloads even more. I know something’s happening right now… something more than me having sex with a beautiful woman. Only when I’m positive my orgasm is over do I look closely at her. What I see scares me a little.

“Holy cow, Doc,” she breathes. “Just… wow.”

Only then does it click that I just took this girl against a bathroom counter. I shake my head and pull out of her body, taking a lot of my ejaculate with me. I sigh and turn away and grab a cloth out of a drawer and start wetting it.

“I swear to God you better not tell me you regret what we just did,” she says to my back, sounding a little angry.

I glance at her over my shoulder before looking back at the sink, feeling disgusted with myself.

“Andrea, I just took you like a common whore. And, I, a damn doctor, did not even remember to use a rubber. I was too caught up in the moment. I wasn’t even gentlemanly enough to make love to you properly in a bed.”

She wraps her arms around me from behind, the hard nubs of her nipples pressing against my back. I’m surprised when I feel my cock starting to harden again. It’s not like I’m a teenager just discovering sex or anything, but it damn sure feels like it.

“You took me exactly the way I wanted you to,” she says into my neck. “And I can’t wait for you to do it again.”

I shut off the faucet and turn to face her. “You want me to do it again?”

“Over and over and over,” she laughs. “Doc, whatever you’re stressing about is wrong. That was the best sex I’ve ever had in my life.”

“You don’t have to say that, Andrea.”

She lifts a brow. “You didn’t enjoy it?”

“What do you think? I’ve never had an orgasm that intense.”

She taps me on the nose. “And maybe you need to take a minute or two to figure out why that is.”

She grabs her panties and slides them on, not even bothering to wipe my release off the inside of her thighs first. I stand there like an idiot as I watch her get dressed, unsure of what she meant about me thinking about it. I finally come out of my stupor and rush to get my own clothes back on. Right before we walk out of the bathroom, she looks over at me and smiles.

“Let me know when you figure it out, Doc. You’ll have more time to think it over when you go with me and Drew to my place when we leave here.”

“Your place?”

“Yes, my place. Luke’s dealing with his own issues at the moment. I’m going to ask Drew to stay in my extra room tonight.” She presses up against me and smiles. “And what better place than where the doctor will be all night?”

“You really want me to stay with you tonight?” I ask her, eager to do just that.

“Yes, I do. Now, come on. We’ve been hiding in here long enough.”

Smiling, I follow her out of the bathroom. Almost everybody is gone when we walk back into the living room. Unfortunately, Willy is still here.

“Feeling better now that the stick is no longer up your ass, Andrea?” Willy asks, his legs wrapped around his reindeer who’s holding him like a child. “Hmm… or maybe you got a better type of stick up your ass cuz I know some girls like their dudes going in the back door. I mean, you’re actually smiling. I’ve never seen you do it before. Somethin’ somethin’ musta felt pretty dang good, as I imagine it would after your long drought. You don’t use it, it might dry up.”

“Did you really just say that out loud?” she hisses at him.

“The truth is the truth. Even Doc is smiling. Doc, have you ever smiled before?”

“I think I speak for both of us when I say bite me, elf,” Andrea says, smiling. She motions for Drew, who gets up and walks over to her. “Drew’s going stay at my place in my extra room. We, I mean, I will be close if something happens.”

We, not I,” Willy chuckles. “Don’t be trying to fake it now, sista. Just try to come up for air long enough to check on young Lanzer here at some point.”

“No. Drew’s staying here,” Luke tells us. “I can’t chance something else happening to him.”

“I’ll be fine with them. Doc will be nearby. Earl is in custody and you saw Dad on the video. He won’t hurt me.”


“I’ll be fine,” he repeats.

“Now that that’s settled, goodnight, all,” I say, feeling slightly embarrassed. I can just imagine how Andrea and I look to the others right now. I take Andrea’s hand and walk to the door. “Mr. Wyatt and Lucas, I need to meet with you both soon. Lucas, you’re the first known hybrid reindeer and elf born in the North Pole. I’m sure there will be more now that reindeer and elves are finding themselves mated. Issues could always pop up when species are mixed. I’d like to do some more research now that Logan is here so I’ll know what to prepare for when that happens.”

“Sure,” Luke tells me.

“Of course,” Logan concurs.

“We’re off then,” I say as I open the front door.

“I’ve got a question for you, Doc,” Willy slurs before we can walk through it.

“The answer’s no,” I come back at him without missing a beat, but I’m smiling.

“No, silly, I have a real question. What’s your first name?”


“We only know you as Doc. What’s your real first name?”

“Willy, my first name really is Doc. It’s short for Dockery.”

“So you’re not called Doc cuz you’re an actual doc?” Willy asks, his eyes wide.

“I suppose I am, but those who know me well know it’s my given name.”

“Hmm… weird,” the elf comes back at me. “Since I’m asking questions, what species are you?”

“I’m a reindeer.”

“You can’t be,” Willy slurs. “You’ve not aged a day my whole life and you don’t shift.”

I blow out a breath. “Yes, I do shift, just not so out in the open like the others. Willy, I come from a long line of doctors, or healers as we were known in the old days. As you all are aware, I’m the only one in the North Pole. Had I been allowed to age as the rest of you have, I’d be long gone from this earth and there would be no one here to deliver babies or handle other medical issues.” I motion down my body. “I will remain as I do until or if I have an heir who can grow up and take my place just as I did my father and he his mother before him and so on. You should have learned this in your North Pole 101 class in elementary school.”

“That was a forever ago, Doc. We’re off now. I need to get my reindeer alone and fast.” He scowls at Santa Claus, whose eyes are again on my Drew, not the goings-on around him. “Santa, stop giving young Lanzer ‘I wanna get you nekkid’ eyes. One, he’s a gazillion years too young for you. Two, until you prove otherwise, you’re still a raging butt head. Night all.”

“Elf, you’re drunk and seeing things that aren’t there. I’ll follow you two out,” Santa says after aiming a wave in everybody’s direction.

It’s obvious he’s trying really hard not to look at Drew again.

“Don’t follow too close,” Willy throws out. “Cuz I’m about to get nekkid with my man and we don’t want you anywhere around when it happens. That would be all kinds of icky and might kill the moment.”

After more assurances from Drew to his brother, the three of us follow them out, almost bumping into Santa Claus just outside the door.

“Santa,” I whisper in his ear. He looks over at me. “A moment?”

He nods and we walk out of earshot of Andrea and Drew.

“Quit staring at the boy,” I tell him with an angry whisper. “You’re being too obvious about some guy you want to fuck. He’s been through enough. Don’t add to it. I’ve known you a long time and I know that look. You need to step back and you need to do it now.”

His eyes come up to meet mine. “I don’t know what you mean, Doc.”

“You know exactly what I mean.”

“I don’t just want to fuck him,” he says so low I almost don’t hear him.

“Even worse. Go home. Now.”

“But what if something happens-”

“He’ll be fine with us,” I cut him off. “Go before you embarrass yourself or freak him out more than he already is.”

Santa Claus nods and shoots a quick wave to Andrea and Drew before walking on ahead of us. I wait until he’s long out of sight before we follow, being extra careful to stay out of sight of anybody who might still want to harm Luke. On the way, I watch Andrew, knowing that his life will be changing soon. I only wish I knew if it would be for the better or for worse.

“You two are mates, aren’t you?” he asks when we walk inside Andrea’s apartment a few minutes later.

“Excuse me?” I ask him.

He leans against a wall and crosses his arms, a wistful look on his face.

“The way you two look at each other. It’s pretty obvious to me even if it’s not to you yet,” he says simply before turning and walking down the hall. “Goodnight. Thanks for checking me out tonight, Doc.”

I’m still standing there several minutes later when Andrea’s arms go around me.

“He’s right, you know,” she says. “I think I knew it as soon as I got to Willy’s tonight. It’s the only thing that could explain how I’m feeling. Something tells me you’re feeling it too.”

I look at her closely. I don’t know what I’m looking for, but what I see is sincerity and something so much deeper than that.

“I feel something big,” I respond. “I just don’t know what it is yet.”

She takes my hand and guides me to her bedroom.

“Come on then. Maybe once we get in bed you’ll have it figured out.” I stop suddenly and look at her. “A problem?” she asks.

I shake my head. “Not at all.”

“Good, and don’t ever mention using a rubber again with me. We’ll get tested tomorrow. You’re a doctor. You can make it happen fast.”

“If you get pregnant…” I say, leaving it hanging.

“Oh, I can think of worse things than having your child.”

“Damn,” I breathe out, actually picturing her swollen with my baby and loving it.

She laughs. “Come on, Doc. I’m dying to get you naked again.”

Feeling happier than I can recall ever feeling, I follow my new mate into her bedroom.