Christmas in Holly Pines

Holly Pines, Vermont, is a traditional small tourist town. In the off-season, there are fewer than two thousand residents. A snow skiing paradise, that number increases dramatically during the holidays. It’s been home to brothers Jacob and Dustin Knight their entire lives.

Being the chief of police in a busy tourist town makes it hard for Jacob to find the time to date. Dustin is bisexual and has plenty of options but no interest in anyone in town. He’s a single father who knows that anyone he brings into his world has to accept that he and his son are a package deal.

Owen Wells is a professional photographer who plans to snap a few shots of the Christmas lights on Holly Pines Bridge then be on his way. A matchmaking seven-year-old boy has other ideas. When unforeseen circumstances keep Owen in town overnight, sparks fly between the photographer and chief of police. Suddenly, Owen's not so keen on leaving after all.

Reese Wells is a traveling nurse who never stays in one place for long. His older brother may have found love, but he has no plans to follow suit. That changes during a video call with Owen and young Jesse Knight. When the boy’s dad joins the chat, all bets are off. Reese is suddenly eager to take a trip to the small town of Holly Pines, Vermont.

Jacob and Owen’s relationship runs smoothly from the get-go. Dustin and Reese’s, not so much. Between a quick misunderstanding, a jealous nurse, a busybody teacher, and a less than maternal ex-wife, these guys have to work hard to become the family they desperately want to be.

Reviews:Kazza on On Top Down Under Book Reviews wrote:

Two stories in one. One sweet and sexy as heck story, the other still sweet, very sweet, and most definitely about family. A really good price and enjoyable Christmas reading.

Longer review at On Top Down Under Book Reviews.

Tj on Goodreads wrote:

This actually two books in one and tells the story of how two sets of brothers find each other and HEA.

Owen and Jabob are up first. Jacob is the Chief of Police of Holly Pines, and Owen is a photographer stopping in town on his way home to New Jersey. Jacob's nephew plays matchmaker, and it is lust at first sight soon followed by love.

Owen and Jacob's story is low on angst and mostly drama-free. They are good together and are quickly (too quickly) on their way to forever. The second half of the book involves Dustin and Reese. Dustin is Jacob's brother and falls quickly for Owen's brother Reese during Owen's video chat with his family.

Reese agrees to come to Vermont. Again, love comes all too quickly, but so does the drama. Dustin has a seven-year-old son who dominates most of the book. His mother is a real piece of work and has little to do with her son. Like a monster, she invades for her own selfish reasons not caring if she destroys her son, and Reese and Dustin protect the little boy. A homophobic first-grade teacher shovels more hate and drama their way. She is quickly neutralized.

Jesse is a precarious seven-year-old who dominates most of the book. At times his speech and mannerisms are very much that of a kid. Other times he is too perceptive and sounds more like a snarky teenager.

The warmth of family, home, and caring community outweigh the faults of love at first sight.

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