Gabe’s Abduction

Gabe has lusted after his wife's daughter since long before it was appropriate. He couldn't wait for her to turn eighteen so he could finally find a way to woo her into his bed. Two weeks after she becomes legal, Gabe is abducted by two men and taken to a house in the middle of nowhere. Terrified, he's shocked to the core when his sexy stepdaughter makes an appearance. His captors give him the option of finally fulfilling his fantasy of being with the girl - for a price. When others show up the choice is taken out of his hands. Unless he can find a way to get free, he'll be forced to do and watch things that even his warped mind has never even considered. Is he willing to do what they demand in order to have the girl? Or does he fight like hell to get away?

Gabe's Abduction contains taboo scenes that may fall outside of some comfort zones. It also contains role-playing that could be triggers for some readers. There's unprotected straight sex, gay sex, group sex, violent sexual role-playing, dubious consent, and sex scenes involving a couple that may disturb some. If in doubt, don't download this book.

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