My Son’s Girl & My Son’s Friends

Drew and Catherine have been happily married for over two decades. The marriage is good and the sex is still hot. During their only child's senior year of high school, they both discover they want a bit... more.

My Son's Girl 

For weeks Drew has lusted after his son Cole's girlfriend. Night after night Cole has taken what he's wanted from Jessica and left the girl unsatisfied. Each time Jessica has rushed off after yet another unsatisfying evening with his son, Drew has dreamed of how he would never leave the girl wanting. Happily married to Catherine, he knows it's only fantasy and contents himself with jacking off to the image of the girl in his mind. After one particular argument between the young couple, Drew is asked to drive the girl home. Being alone with her in a car makes him nervous, but he does what his wife asks him to do. A few minutes away from Jessica's house, Drew discovers that his fantasy of having sex with the girl might turn out to not just be fantasy after all.

My Son's Friends 

Catherine has been happily married to Drew for over two decades. Happy being a stay-at-home mother, life is good until her son Cole is older and no longer dependent on his mother. Drew works during the day and Cole is never home, so boredom starts to set in. Catherine discovers social media and her boredom starts to wane. After awhile, masturbating via web cam with strangers doesn't quite do it for her, so she starts looking at - and fantasizing about - her son's friends. It's just fantasy, right? While all legal, they are still her son's age and likely wouldn't be interested in playing with the much older woman. When one of Cole's shy friends accidentally walks into Catherine's bedroom at an awkward moment, she discovers that not only are the friends interested, but they are eager.

Publisher: Purrs Publishing

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