Santa’s Ho! Ho! Ho!

Briana needs a job. Six weeks out of work, she's getting desperate. She's scouring online want ads when she comes across one that seems... odd. Curious, she clicks the link and fills out the online application. Some of the questions are personal – and likely illegal to ask - but that doesn't stop her from answering each one. The next morning Briana receives a special delivery, along with a card with specific instructions. Inside the package is a sexy Mrs. Claus costume, along with matching spiked heels. She knows she looks hot in the get-up so she has no qualms wearing it across town to meet who she hopes will be her new employer. Upon arrival, things aren't even remotely what she's expecting. From an ancient pervy butler, to a naughty guy in a Santa costume, and even tiny men with pointy ears, Briana's convinced she's been dropped into the center of Crazy Town.

Does she leave and go back to her apartment, jobless? Or does she hang around in hopes of snagging what could be the job of a lifetime?

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